Ian Graham ia a freelance web developer located in Chico, Ca. In the past four yeras I've built stylish and unique websites for small businesses and organizations. I enjoy making things beautiful and functional with a focus on the user and their experience.

Why Machoian.com? No, it doesn't stand for “Macho Ian“. It's actually my mother's maiden name!


I specialize in standards based HTML, CSS and JavaScript front-end development. The sites I develop are hand coded and search engine friendly using the latest standards and development principles. In addition to front-end development, I offer content management integration using Wordpress, for easy site maintenance or custom web site/application development using both PHP and Ruby on Rails.


If you’re interesting in sharing your project ideas with me. Please conact me at the ian@machoian.com. Please include your name, your preferred contact information and any and all information that you thing would be helpful for me to share you vision.

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